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Pictures of Omi

This picture, and those that follow, are of my Mom Hanny Budnick. I took them on Thanksgiving day of 2001. They're here so that she can see them (Hi Mom!) because "Compu$erve can't handle email attachments"(?)

Eventually we'll cultivate a web site here for Mom's professional offerings as a teacher of international folk dance and music. Perhaps this will also become a venue for some stories of her amazing adventures (hint hint).

In any case, let's call this picture "Blue Chair"

This one we'll call "Records"

I really like the composition on this particular shot, but the damn digital camera can't seem to well handle the wide range between the sunlight coming in the window, and the deep shadow against the wall. (I worked with it quite a bit to get the image this even.)

Let's call it "Bookcase 1"

Viola! "Bookcase 2"

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