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Snow days 2000


Well, we've had a 100 year snowfall today (1/25/2000). Last week schools were closed 3 days (and Monday was MLK day) due to a paltry 3 inches of snow Tuesday, and another inch Wednesday night, but THIS Tuesday we have about 15 inches in our yard. Now that's a significant snowfall even in Port Jervis.

Anyway, here are some pictures:

Max and Asa had a really good time playing in the new snow last week. The only other time it'd snowed since we moved to North Carolina was two years ago (on MLK day), and then it was only about two inches, and all melted the next day. The snow seen here was also gone by the end of the second day, but then another small load of icy stuff came down that night and closed school again. When we were living in NY state, Asa was terrified of the snow, and refused to go out into it (Too drastic a change in the world), but he was thrilled to be out in this ('till he got all wet and cold - then we came inside and had chocolate snow - Yum).

We've been gradually building a treehouse since mid-summer, but as you can see, the walls and ceiling aren't quite there yet. Even so I thought he looked pretty dramatic up there.

This week's storm came up pretty suddenly. Yesterday the "experts" were calling for 1 to 3 inches, and schools let out early (after starting 2 hours late, due to the ice storm the day before). At about 6 PM sleet started falling, and kept falling, and falling, and falling. Every couple of hours they'd push back the ending time of the storm. Finally this afternoon at about 2 o'clock the flakes stopped falling.

Carol and I took turns and dug out a path to the road, so that we can take the car out if we have to, but we don't anticipate going anywhere soon. The road is a sheet of ice, and only those naive enough to think that because they're driving a humongus SUV they somehow have the skills to drive in ice and snow are out.

Duke closed for the second time in a week today (and the second time in four years), so I guess it's a big deal.

I really enjoy the snow, and the way it changes the world (even if the NC Department of Transportation isn't geared up for this sort of thing).

Asa and Carol baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies during Sunday's ice storm, and miraculously, we haven't eaten them all yet, so it's a nice munchie to have on this wintry day, too. Luckily, we had bought the boys snowsuits for 50 cents each from a Philly thrift store at Thanksgiving time. We had hopes of seeing some snow this year, but didn't predict four storms in one week.


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