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Welcome to Duke360

NOTE: this is an archive of a prototype for the 2nd generation Duke University virtual campus tour. It was never implemented and is not supported by or representative of Duke University in any way. It is shown here only as an example of user interface design.

Click here to go to the tour map

The maps page is heavy on graphics, and takes some time to load. Once the Map page comes up you will have multiple navigation tools at your disposal:

  • Dots - The dots on the map represent each location for which an IPIX image is available. Roll over them and the thumbnail appears. Click on them, and the view page for that location opens.
  • Tour Tracks - In the upper right corner of the Map page is a list of the "Tour Tracks".
    • Rolling over each will change the list of Tabs to the locations on that track. (Stay on the track color when moving the cursor to the list.)
    • Clicking on a Tour Track will open a separate page showing thumbnails and brief descriptions for each location on that track.
  • List Tabs - The Tour track list Tabs function like the Dots on the map. Rolling over them will swap the thumbnail image, and clicking on them will open the view page for that location.
  • Thumbnail - Clicking on the Thumbnail Image or caption opens the view page for the depicted location.

Click here to go to the tour map