Our Life in China


Last updated: January 23, 2005
We're Back in the USA!!


China Style

Modern Chinese have a very different approach to design than I've come to know in the West. A look around any of the newer cities (and there are a bunch with new downtowns) will yield a skyline of dynamic shapes and colors such as fill the dreams (nightmares?) of western architects. Chinese household goods also come in an amazing array of fanciful shapes and decorative styles.



Motorcycles and
3 wheelers.

Trash Cans - not done yet, but fascinating.



Our Life in China


Carol and I both taught English at Gold Apple Bilingual School in the Pudong area of Shanghai. It is a private primary and middle school (grades 1 through 11) for Chinese.


We lived in an apartment at the middle school. We started out in a much smaller one in the lower school, but as the campus from the middle school was finished (it just opened in 2002) we were moved to much nicer, more spacious, better appointed, apartments (yes two apartments, because we're two teachers (and because we have our kids with us)) on the 11th floor of the teacher's building.


Not much here yet, but you can look at my pictures from Market Day in ShaPing.

As a special request, I've put up a page on the couple of days we spent in the snow in the Hubei province city of ShiYan. There are also a couple of pictures from out tour of the mighty "Dong Feng" truck factory.


Gold Apple Bilingual School

This is where our family lived, worked, and went to school in China.

Here's a link to a page I put up that discusses Life at Gold apple school along with more pictures.

The Gold Apple Bilingual School has a Web Site. It's a masterpiece of what some people think a "cool" web site looks like. Big flash intro - Lots of pictures - animated graphics aplenty. There's even an "English Language Version" (Hope you like capital letters). Here's a futuramic picture of the campus that for some reason they removed from the web site.

Here's an image of the architect's model of the High School campus that I scanned from the (2000) brochure. This is actually pretty close to the way the campus looks.