How is the Handset wired on My Stromberg-Carlson 500 set

And the cut-corner set too

Schematics for these phones are available at:

overhead shot of a yellow SC 500 set from the late '70s

Here is a the phone I'm talking about. While this looks almost exactly like a Western Electric 500 set, and the dial and handset elements are interchangeable with WE (and a number of other manufacturers) the internal wiring is quite different.


Here is a picture of thephone with the cover off the handset splayed, and the dial moved out of the way. Note that there are four wires running from the handset: Two white which come from the earpiece, and a red/black pair which come from the transmitter. They run across into a tangle of wires at the network block.

Here's a detail of the wiring block. The red and white wires are reasonably clear, but it's a bit tough to see that the black one is plugged into to the third connector in the back row (two to the left of the Green wire on the end).

The cut-corner set

Stromberg-Carlson black 1962 cut-corner desk set with the handset off

The wiring on the cut-cornet set is much clearer.


Photo showing SC Cut-Corner Desk Set handset wiringClose-up detail of SC sut-curner handset wiring connections

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