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Vince's favorite cars

Here follows some info and pix of the cars that I have coveted, and that I'll aquire when I start to have money (someday). I love small oddly shaped cars (could you tell?)
last modified 9/20/03

My Motorcycle

In the summer of 2001, I came to own the motorcycle I've craved for the past 15 years.

I made a page so that you can read about my 1974 BMW R60/6, and our journey toward ridability

Unfortunately, this project has been sidelined due to The fact that we're living in China.


Daddy's very own Saab 96

This is Hepzibah, our '71 Saab 96 (now deceased (must remember to check the oil, must remember to check the oil)). It had the four cycle v4, and was given to us several years ago by a cool friend.  She served us well for a couple of years, but then had a heart attack, and languished waiting for a transplant.  Finally we moved away, gave the car to another friend, (who also didn't have the wherewithall to revive her) and now she's living a new life as I-beams and door hinges.  (boo Hoo)


Here's our X-mass card from 1994 (nice house hunh?)
1994 Xmas photo - Carol Max and Vince  on our 1972 Saab 96 - that was a cool car

Here is a twiddled b/w scan of my beauty parked in the woods.
(not bad for a 200 dpi hand scanner)



Egg shaped electric car
John Jensen thinks this is the genisis of the Bubble car.
It was shown in 1943 by a french artist named Paul Arzens.

The BMW Isetta

When I was a small child my parents owned two of these amazing little cars. Since my teens I have been possesed with an intense desire to own one (or several). The Isetta 300 is a small urban commuter car. Manufactured by BMW in the fifties and early sixties, the Isetta 300 and it's larger (and very rare) sister the BMW 600 offered many unusual solutions to the problem of efficient, simple, inexpensive basic transportation.


b/w isetta
B/W Isetta
(18 k)
Hand scanned from a post card and twiddled.

Opa by an isetta
is a (26 k) picture of my grandfather
in Germany behind an Isetta.


Maybe I should just put together a kit car like this...
3 wheel Isetta  kit car

Someone's got a sense of humor.


Red Isetta
I made The best cut, fold and paste Isetta on the web, Based on pictures of Bob Nelson's Red and white machine. Bob has an exceptional web page devoted to his car and the isetta in general.

But wait! Not all Isettas are BMWs. Here is a great site that explains the international lineage the Iso company, and our favorite bubble.

Here's a picture of
Corgi model of a heinkel
My Heinkel
It's a Corgi Toy (#233) that I found in a box at a flea market when I was about 12. I didn't like the color, so I slathered it with model paint.(d'oh!)

Here's some info on the Heinkel/Trojan


Buckminster Fuller's
Dymaxion Car
Picture of an incompletely restored  Dymaxion car 
Here's a picture someone sent me from The National Auto Museum in Reno Nevada. 
There used to be a sign in front of the car explaining that the interior isn't finished yet 
(hence the painted over windows) but through the miracle of digital imaging,
it's gone.
Drawing from patent
See the patent
or the WNET documentary
See also the R. Buckminster Fuller Institute on Bucky

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contact me if you have info
or cool pix of these or other unusual cars
like that three wheel Morris
or the Chevy Corvair

Tell me what you think.