Portfolio of Web projects

Forest Service History

The USDA Forest Service maintains an extensive archive of materials. DigitallyDo designed the homepage, navigation, and information structure within the site. I provided templates for all levels, and Dreamweaver training for the staff in charge of populating and maintaining the site.


Cavalcade of Phones

This is a showcase of items from my collection of telephones. The home page is heavy DHTML code. The remainder of the pages are very clean, with large clear images and simple text. Although this site was coded in 1998, it still works (with most browsers) and receives quite a bit of traffic from search engines.

While Working at Duke University I had direct responsibility for The main University web site. The site has since been redesigned, but you can see what it looked like on this archive of Elvis @ Duke. (be sure to reload the page to see all 9 images)
Elvis at Duke? What's with that?

Duke 360
We won several awards for the first version of Duke360, our immersive virtual tour.

  • The interface features a two way interactive map indicating which building will be shown, and it's location on the campus map. The original (year 2000) version is no longer on Duke's servers.
  • The "2k1" prototype features many more images, dynamic menues, scripted viewing, music, information bubbles and navigation links within the images.
  • The tour images are in "iPix" format, so you will need to download the plugin to view them.

I also was responsible for the functionality and user interfaces of several web services including:

These feature full navigational links, positive error feedback, and an integrated interface, so that the search results do not feel disconnected from the rest of the university web site.





USDA Forest Service  History home page

Vince's Cavalcade of Phones -  pieces from my personal collection

Elvis @ Duke - the king pays a visit 4/1/2000
Duke360 The iPix Virtual campus tour

last updated: July 12, 2007