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Sometimes I make things that aren't lamps
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I no longer do lamps, so this site hasn't had any substantial updates since the summer of '98.

Just think of the lamps pages as a record of my "Polymer clay lamp" period.

Vince 7/13/01

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Dolphins and Fireworks. 
A lamp for a dolphin lover's wedding  
(14k image) 

a mouse in a suit
The Mick E. Mouse lamp 
(12k image) 

I work in Polymer Clay 

Several years ago I was given a couple of blocks of Sculpey III by my mother along with Nan Roche's book The New Clay. The colors amazed me. The potential to make permanent, brightly colored artifacts in my home oven intrigued me, and Nan's book was a revelation.

I have always loved light. That has manifested itself as an interest in photography, video, and electronics, and an ongoing progression of sculptures and lamps, so it was only natural for me to check out the light transmitting capabilities of my new medium.

It turns out that Sculpey III passes light nicely, and if you can roll out a sheet thin enough, (which you can,) it's easy to create a stained glass effect. If you roll a slice from a cane out, you can create a scene or pattern which can be illuminated.

I build ornamental lamps with images ranging from colorful abstracts, to landscapes, to fairy tale scenes, to a depiction of my sister's trailer home

To the left are links to pages depicting several of my lamps. The "dome" style stand about 6" high, the "pyramid" about 5". They burn 4 or 7 watt bulbs, and are designed to be left on all the time.

I have made about 50 lamps in the past six and a half years. Mostly they are in the homes of friends (where they end up as illumination for nocturnal relief), though I have sold several to be given as gifts, and have sold a few to a craft store. I have a photographer friend who works craft shows who's adamant that I should join the circuit, but I've never had enough inventory. (It's rare that I even have more than one or two pieces around the house.)

If you've looked at the lamps, and know what a cane is,
and you now want to know how I do it , you can read this.


trailer home lamp 
My sister's trailer home in Florida 
(14k image) 
The Mushroom lamp 
The Mushroom Lamp 
(12 k image) 
The Camping Lamp 
The Camping lamp 
was a wedding present for friends 
(22k image) 
The Cats Lamp 
(15 k image) 

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4 more lamps
More lamps. 

Even more lamps

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