The Mushroom Lamp

This lamp was made as my end of a swap with the famous polymer clay artisan Mike Buesseler. He sent me acouple of great pins, and one of his marvelous snakes, but I was at a loss as to what to do for him. We exchanged several rounds of e-mail and I asked him "what's the color scheme in your bathroom?" (Being as that's where most of my lamps end up.) He replied "Mold Brown." Which put me in mind of a house I'd moved into several years ago that had a small patch of mushrooms growing under the bathroom sink.
Since Mike teaches math (among other things) I decided to try a fractal pattern as the backround. It only kind of worked, but it gives the lamp a nice psychedelic feel.

mushrooms growing under the sink

This lamp stands about 6" tall, and the base is 4.5" diameter

the other side
The Other side,
(23k image)

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