The mesmerizing world of Vince Budnick

BMW Isetta

When the web was young,
I read a book, and
I made a page because
I love funky little cars

handmade ornamental lamp showing mountain sceneIn 1992
I was shown Polymer Clay
and soon discovered
that I could make night Lights.
They made me a minor celebrity
for a while
but I don't make them any more

A an unusual pushbutton telephoneIn 1998
I made a web site
to illuminate a small corner
of 20th century industrial design.
(and to show off my phone collection)
Sorry, but netscape6 users should start on the "why" page.

At the end of 1997
we moved to North Carolina,
So I could work at Duke.
Our boys have grown up mostly here,
and I've put up
some pages about our Family life

Intriguing flamelike shape  - click to see further examples of my geniusIn a moment of insecurity
I realized that
what the world needed was
Proof of My Genius


last updated: February 3, 2005